Beaver fact: “Did you know, a beaver can swim underwater for 15 minutes”


Beaver fact: “Did you know that beavers are crepuscular, meaning they come out at dawn and dusk”


Beaver fact: “Did you know beavers never stop building and maintaining dams, their wetlands are constantly changing and evolving”


Beaver fact: “Did you know a baby beaver is called a KIT”


Beaver fact: “Did you know beavers are vegetarian, they only eat plants like brambles and trees”


Beaver fact: “Did you know beavers once lived all across Britain as far back as the ice age”


Beaver fact: “Did you know the scientific name for European beavers is Castor fiber”


Beaver fact: “Did you know, a beaver’s teeth are impregnated with IRON for strength, which makes them bright orange”


Welcome to the Lodge’s fun-packed Activities page. Beavers can teach us so much about the natural world and our relationship with it. We’ve designed these downloadable activities to be fun and informational. So get stuck in and enjoy!

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Great for story-telling, colouring, cutting activities and playing at home.

Help Justin beaver find his way back to the family lodge.

Find 10 words that relate to our favourite rodent. After you’ve found each word, find out why it’s important in the answers.

Beaver away with any supplies you can find to create and test your own beaver dam at home (warning: could get messy!)

Connect the dots in numerical order to reveal the beaver.

Beavers are a “Keystone species” meaning their presence affects the survival of other animals by changing habitats ans creating new ones.

60 second plasticine beaver! with Jim Parkyn

Get some plasticine, have a go and share your videos with us

Beavers, Nature's Ecosystem Engineers

An animation for educators, explaining what a beaver is and why they’re so important in our landscape