Beaver fact: “Did you know that beavers are crepuscular, meaning they come out at dawn and dusk”

Beaver fact: “Did you know beavers once lived all across Britain as far back as the ice age”

Beaver fact: “Did you know a baby beaver is called a KIT”

Beaver fact: “Did you know, a beaver can swim underwater for 15 minutes”

Beaver fact: “Did you know, a beaver’s teeth are impregnated with IRON for strength, which makes them bright orange”

Beaver fact: “Did you know the scientific name for European beavers is Castor fiber”

Beaver fact: “Did you know beavers never stop building and maintaining dams, their wetlands are constantly changing and evolving”

Beaver fact: “Did you know beavers are vegetarian, they only eat plants like brambles and trees”


Lodge Craft

Indulge your senses in this selection of artwork celebrating the beaver’s return to Britain. Music, poetry, short stories, painting, illustration, ceramics, film, plasticine, needlework, what else can you think of?….

Time to get CREATIVE 

Huge thanks to all the wonderful artists who have contributed so far. We welcome all new ideas for submissions to @BeaverTrust

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Drawing & painting

Abby Cook
Jon Wagner
Jo Wright
Lizzie Harper



Silent swimmer, slipping through
silken meniscus of green reflecting
watery light.
Unpaid worker, clearing brambles,
coppicing trees. cleaning water,
inventing ponds.
Generous host, making homes
for plants, insects, newts and fish.
Creator of jobs for otter and heron.
Bold author of re-imagined headwaters,
unconscious sequester,
fierce protector, little person.
Please come back to a river near me.

Chris Jones, Cornwall Beaver Project, July 2020

Castor trail

We search for signs among waterways –
Scent mounds sculpted from loam
A corset of teeth marks,
Shaping trunks into hourglasses
Flattened rushes, juicy heads of irises
Crudely stripped of their yellow flags.
Flattened paths through riverbank reeds,
Paddle shaped tracks in the mud –
A stick gliding through water
Like a submarine’s periscope.
It’s a game of belief. The signs are there
But the beaver remains elusive, mocking
With its catch-me-if-you-can calling cards.
Always will o’ wisp. Always one step beyond.

Lizzy Lister – July 2020

Castor Aspersions

Beaver, beaver, beyond here, over there
My what big teeth, glands and tail you wear
Just look at your rich glossy hat… I mean coat
Fear not, you won’t stock my pelt-trade boat
When I think of you I get goosebumps and shiver
You clever little engineer and repairer of rivers
Imagine what glorious deeds together we could do
If only homo sapiens gave more space to you
But sometimes you can be a right pain in the arse
Especially when messing with Victorian draina(r)ge
A small price to pay to breathe life back to Britain
Is love too strong a word for being rodent-smitten?
Whisper in my lughole, tell me the elixir
How do I fix my beaver fever?

By James Wallace, Hudson Bay Nature Restitution Company
16th October 2020


I found you curled like a cat,
on a ledge above the water,
eyes shut, deep in slumber.

Water chuckled past,
leaves danced and scraped,
your ears failed you.

Admiring the perfection of whisker,
nose and fur, I wondered how
you, perfect predator, found enough
in this tiny stream.

I squeaked as to call my cat,
your eyes opened, fixed on mine,
you uncoiled like rope, slipped into your element.

Gone, in no hurry, as if to say
I’m not scared of you,
just can’t stand your company.

Chris Jones, Beaver Trust, July 2020


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